Tuesday 30th January is (probably) the day I’ll be buying the two people who won copies of the Expansion their prizes. Jesse’s gonna be right, just you watch… and they’ll open up an Allied Race once you’ve bought it. After all, the data files are already in game…

Then, whilst I was asleep, 8.0 turned up on the Testing Servers. I’d expected to have no real interest this early in the game, but attention is very much piqued, especially as I’d planned to go back and work on some Legacy professions before BfA hits. It appears that change to Enchanting that happened in 7.3.5 are simply the beginning.


There will need to be a lot more available than currently exists (including placeholder names) before we get a better idea of what is going on, but there are hints that possibly every Expansion could have its own skill-set.


Note here that Classic Blacksmithing goes to 300, Cataclysm has a 75 skill, then Draenor and 8.0 Blacksmithing register at 100. So, let’s speculate what this could mean.

UI Redesign is coming.

I can see a window for your profession that now has major headings and subheadings. Anyone who’s already learnt everything will have all of these at maximum, a new crafter can choose to skip all the Classic recipes if they wish and suffer no consequence. 8.0 Blacksmithing becomes a separate skill everybody has to max, and it won’t affect any of their previous max level journeys.

Look, I made some graphics to explain it.


skilssets (1)

Of course, it is just as likely it’s a mistake and they’re not done in the PTR files yet, but I do like to speculate…

I’m betting there’ll be a question about this in the Q&A on Tuesday too: I’ve asked about the mobile game, which is my other area of interest this time around. At least this time we can expect some real news… and possibly some surprises.

I’m having thoughts about this as the day goes on. I’ll tweet them and then stick the messages here.

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