Suddenly, all the World wants to talk about in this Parish is an Expansion which (technically) might not be here for six months. Now, although I totally grasp the need to pore over new models and possible changes, for some people this is not a good thing. In fact, the prospect of months of anticipation is enough to make them mentally exhausted:

I realised after that conversation with Vesa that we both suffer from Hype Fatigue. I started experiencing this about the time it became de rigeur to have Streamers playing Alpha: I muted all the data mining sites on Twitter (so I chose when to consume the content) but yet it won’t stop people using it to promote their own feeds and highlight their own agendas. That’s how social media works, after all. If all of your mates are talking about the body positivity issues that new skin highlights, well of course you want to be in on the act.

The problem for those of us who choose not to get involved until we’re happy to is that asking other people to filter their social media is pretty much the impossible task. Asking someone to think about your needs is all well and good once in a while, but many people resent the ask. If you don’t want to know then stop following me. You’re the problem, not me… until we get to the stage when there’s no new content and everything is tired, the same people complain there’s nothing to look forward to. Maybe if you’d not eaten everything at the start of the meal, you wouldn’t be sitting here complaining when some of us just began our starters.

I don’t need a friend to tell me that this is the reality of the situation, because it undoubtedly is.ย I don’t want to live in this World, however, and because this is my Twitter feed we’re talking about, I can make some choices to at least give the sense that I have control over my appetite.ย The spoiler side of things no longer bothers me, but is still of great issue to other people I respect and would like to keep around. Therefore, I’ve decided to adopt a Social media policy for this Expansion.

Yesterday, I kept a record of the number of people who just copy pasted summat from the data dump into my feed without warning. I counted more than a dozen people, all of whom will have just wanted to share it with people they knew played the game. If they’d all stopped, thought and hash-tagged that content, life would have been a better place. It’s no different than basic politeness and courtesy in real life, but the key is you need to think. Most people don’t, and the more lazy and thoughtless will argue that’s not their job either. If you don’t like it, then unfollow me.

If you wonder why I unfollowed you in the weeks that follow? Here’s a possible reason.


However, there is a flip side to Hype Fatigue which needs to be discussed before we walk away.

All this hype is not for me. The details and the Q&A and all the other fairground attractions are not being run to tempt me to play Warcraft. I already do that. They are meant to distract those people rolling Monster Hunter characters and sharing them to social media. These actions are meant to put off the Final Fantasy people on Tuesday from playing their new content because players are too busy trying to pre-order Battle for Azeroth. It isn’t just annoying, this battle for your attention, but a part of the current means to advertise new content.ย 

It also means that ActiBlizz’s plan to increase content speed is going to plan. I am pretty confident we will see Battle for Azeroth less than two years after Legion launched, and that would have been a pipe dream back in the days of Pandaria. What people demand and crave is faster consumption. Those of us who are slow will simply go back to the old dishes cold and be happy there’s something to eat. Those of us with Hype Fatigue will find ways to block out the noise and carry on. We are no longer the audience that matters for this MMO, and if that bothers people enough they’ll simply leave.

If they don’t come back, it is no longer the issue it was.


PS: New Social Media Policy on #BfA goes here:

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