I mentioned summat yesterday in my blog, and I’d like to flag it up as the only real problem I see going into BfA in terms of Quality of Life improvements. This is a persistent niggle that’s bothered me a lot and now it’s probably worth vocalising.

I have too much space in some places and not enough in others.


The code in-game has now been altered sufficiently to allow us all four extra slots in that all-important first bag. Bag sizes have increased steadily over time, and with specific containers for just about everything, plus the Reagent Bank… well, honestly I don’t need as many L1 alts anymore. I could easily retire several of the 110’s in term of storage too. If things go the way it appears with Professions (and the excess of reagents get the heave-ho) there could well be more space than I know what to do with, in short order. Yet, I can’t stable any more pets, and my Professions interfaces are a hot mess.

Thinking about it, I suppose this might be a veiled request to redesign the UI.


When you look at the Transmog window, it makes the Toybox, Mounts and the Professions interfaces look positively hackneyed. It would make more sense to divide lots of things into smaller subgroups: the search parameters on my pet interface, for instance, are awful and I’ve become largely dependant on a third party redesign to do the job far better. It makes logical sense that the Devs wouldn’t redesign everything at once, as that is likely to confuse. The question then becomes what gets altered first, and which area is identified as being in most need of alteration.

I know what I’d ask for as priority.

After that, more slots in the UI might be a plan… because however much you tell me things are simpler now, they’re really not. All those buttons you took away… some are going to come back, after all.

I wonder if I get to have a second pet as a BM after all?

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