Well done @Broximar. You were spot on with your guesswork, and I’m also anticipating we’ll see Battle for Azeroth well before the 21st September cut-off date. To those of you already enjoying the new content, I would like to turn and point at that bloke over there. What do you mean you haven’t seen him before? He’s been here since 7.3.5 launched…

This isn’t Expansion content you’re playing now. You paid money to get early access to Legion content, placed in the game for a damn good reason. This is the brilliant means by which ActiBlizz provides content going forward whilst it makes the Expansion. It is abundantly apparent from last night’s Q&A that very little detail is either set or confirmed for the future, but as they’ve got my money now it is largely irrelevant. All you people complaining that PvP made up half the content of that Q&A… NEWSFLASH. PvP’s half the content of this game. There’s no Brian Holinka to throw rocks at either if you hate it. Time to get used to one bloke to blame for everything. Just pretend he’s Ghostcrawler and it’ll be fine.

I left before the end of the Q&A and went to bed. I woke up this morning and bought a mount for nearly £60 because yes, I will be playing at launch. However, last night my husband finally stopped paying his sub. He plays one character, in the main, and hated the alt game. All of this shit is of no interest to him, and now he is free of the need to look after other people, making reality more fun long-term than the pixels. In a way, I envy him, because there’s no agonising. The friends he’s made are still on social media. He no longer needs the game as a chat client. The fact very few talk to him anyway is the bigger irony.

He has made his peace and departed.


I am angry today, but it will pass. I already have some ideas in place going forward, on how I will deal with the inevitability of these changes. Mostly, I am feeling quite exposed and alone, but that’s been the way for quite some time. How all these disparate feelings are dealt with has nothing to do with my playtime. Once I’ve sorted the last of my February content for the Writing site, it will be time to sit down and decide how my game moves forward.

I feel it is time for an evolution.

One thought on “The Emperor’s New Groove

  1. So I’ve only done one of the little quest lines associated with an allied race so far, but it was quite enjoyable! And it took me to Silvermoon City. Silvermoon! No really! Had no idea it was even still there! I’m looking forward to doing the other three. As it turns out, on server #3, I have four low level toons to be leveled, so I have no qualms at all about deleting those and restarting them as allied race toons. It’ll break my rule about not mixing factions on one server, but who cares! I did have one minor gripe about the content, but I’ll reserve comment on that until after I’ve tried the other three.


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