What did you achieve in-game during January, then?

The next question, of course, is whether the next tier of reward will be 350 or 400. I know the answer to that before I asked, that if this time there’s the thought allowed that would make playing this game any more than I do somehow that would be acceptable… but it’s not. However yesterday I did unlock Allied Races (two) on the Alliance side. I’ll do the Horde ones at the weekend, and then that’s all the 7.3.5 content that really interests me done. I should also kill Argus the Unmaker so I can unlock Silithus, but after that… I’m happy to keep plodding away with mobile app and Invasions.


You should say something about those Allied Races scenarios.

I was beyond pleasantly surprised at how both of these played out. I’ve been doing AI-accompanied stuff for a while now, and the NPC’s in both cases behaved far more intuitively (and intelligently) than I’ve seen previously. The Lightforged Scenario was not only well-thought out but nicely executed. The Void Elves was fast and quite taxing. Most significantly of all, we were given new locations to play in that, although in places familiar, bore little or no resemblance to that landscape which has preceded them.

Sure, I could point out where assets came from or where caves first appeared, or outcroppings were initially used, but the overall feeling was of new ground being broken, both metaphorically and physically. They weren’t too long to be stressful and used locations that will be familiar to players. It was especially satisfying to end up in Ghostlands and watch actual lore not be altered but embraced. Too much of the Artifact Class Fantasy FlimFlam was making up a story to serve an end. This game has tons of existing lore that ought to be used but isn’t.

Also, I’d not have gotten 300 mounts so easily was it not for this.


Tell them about the Token.

Yesterday, I spent £17 on 302k gold. I’ve never bought gold before so it took me a while to work out what was going on, but now I have a bank-alt on a new server. When I’m finished here I’m gonna go and sort out seeing if I have unlocked Allied Races on this new server, and if I have I’ll be rolling a Void Elf hunter. After that, she will become a project for a couple of hours a week, because I need to start somewhere fresh, and the only way this game keeps its interest for me is if I’m playing with other people.

I am lonely and alone on my main server and don’t have the money to transfer off en-masse. So, the plan is to go somewhere new and see if I can reinvent my life with the inclusion of others. This is a genuinely frightening thing to do for me, but it needs to be done. I’m tired of people turning up, promising things and at the first sign of a better deal simply buggering off. It is time to try and find some people who just want to play without all the fucking politics this inevitably involves.

Welcome to a new start after over nine years of the same old story.

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  1. I know you enjoyed Highmountain in general, so I would definitely recommend doing the Highmountain Tauren allied race quest chain. For some reason it’s quite a bit longer than the other three, but I think you’ll enjoy it.

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