Nine years on from where this began, I have come to an important realisation.

It is time to start again.


Part One of my In-Game Redefinition

An awful lot has happened in almost a decade, and I’ve tried my best to faithfully record it all. However, sometimes there’s been a failure to be truthful. There is a huge amount of good to be found in Azeroth, but it is a far from perfect world, and I’ve become increasingly frustrated with those who see only what they want to and not what is the undoubted reality of many situations. So, this weekend I am going to do some things that should have happened a long time ago. It is time to try and make some new friends, and find a place in this game where I can feel I truly belong.

alt IX_details

I’m also launching a significant giveaway at 5.15pm GMT today. The details will be posted here once I’ve made them on Twitter. For now, you can have this placeholder.

I’ll make some longer observational posts over the weekend but for now? Happy Birthday to Me <3

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