As I’ve decided I’ll still be playing when Battle for Azeroth launches, in whatever form I’m able to manage considering time restraints, it is probably the right moment to start creating some content to support that. After last night’s planning session, there is at least a notional idea of how that will end up playing out.

The final totals are in. NINETEEN alts on Shadowsong, plus three new allied races and the fourth who I’ll be levelling with someone else on Argent Dawn. I would like the four L20’s sorted because of the Heritage Armour: everybody else is here for the Professions, which means I’ll be utilising the Faire this week to get +5 to everybody (plus acquiring an ability to level if they don’t have that already.)

After that, there’s content organised for the foreseeable future: new mogs for everybody, which I’ll document, plus FICTION on the journey. Yes, I said fiction.

Watch this Space.

Pherian’s tasks going forward are pretty simple: enough Curious Coins for the mount (121 at present so not a hopeless grind) and as I haven’t managed a single Paragon mount so far, to keep building the rep by WQ’s every three days or so. Then I’ll want to do Chromie, finish the Falcosaur mounts and use her to create Rep tokens from Missions to send to other alts, allowing them to buy the appropriate recipes required to help max out professions. I’ll also make a list of pets/mounts I am missing and weigh the likelihood of obtaining as many as possible before the Expansion ends.


On considered reflection, I won’t play a lot of these alts past the levelling process. By far the biggest single concern is to max all professions and after that… well, that will depend on what ActiBlizz does with the game moving forward. If it transpires that the entire system is fundamentally changing, I may yet start retiring those characters for whom there is no immediate need. It will all depend on what I see happening with systems. For now, the gear threshold will be set at iLevel 880 for all L110’s.

The reason why the majority of my alts were made (back in the day) was to support my main whilst raiding. Now I don’t raid, needs should change, and they haven’t for several years.

It is time to begin the process of preparing for the next Expansion bearing this in mind.

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