If you ask me what it is that I enjoy the most about Transmog, the answer will always remain the same: aesthetics. So much of this game is out of my hands, but how I dress my characters is not. I have never seen the importance of Tier gear, for starters, and I’ve gotten into some stand-up arguments over its significance. To me, using skins to show your ability is the absolute antithesis of the point. A skin is not a badge of honour. It is an extension of a complex personality. That’s why mogging matters so much to me, even after all this time.


The key, at least for me, is to find a combination of items that simply feel right together. It normally begins with a ‘signature’ item: in this case, that’s the Blue Dragonscale Shoulders, one of the most precious items I possess. All the crafted gear that’s been made and sold has a significance beyond that process, especially as many pieces are a rarity in themselves. A single colour item is special and significant, allowing you to mix and match it with a phenomenal number of other pieces. I’ll also admit that the ‘matching’ gloves and boots have been used on various other mogs over the years, and their simplicity is something I miss with the current crop of armour pieces. It’s all too busy and dense now, as typified by the Leggings of the Unseen Path in this ensemble.

I’ll always take less detail if truth be told.


In the mogs that follow, it is highly unlikely you’ll see a single artefact weapon. I’ve not collected any of the variant skins, and have no interest whatsoever in doing so before BfA. Honestly, I think the entire exercise was a massive con. I have hundreds of different looks, collected over many years, and none of those skins came even close to being better than them. This weapon is beautiful, simple and far more aesthetically pleasing to my eye than any weapon of legend. I suppose this just confirms that I’m not the target audience for all this gubbins, and that’s not likely to change.

Pherian’s Transmog is made of the following items:


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