Today, everybody, it is time to remind you about the concept of Effort versus Reward.


To see the number of complaints about this requirement in the time since the Allied Races launched has been truly mind-boggling. It has created a lot of discussion topics too, and so it seems appropriate to gather them all into one post.

Let us begin.

Blizzard did this to spite me…

No, they didn’t. But yes, they will expect you to play the game in this way. This is called gating. It ensures you will have to play some of the current content in the vague hope that might keep you more engaged long-term. It’s okay, you don’t have to like it, that is not necessary, though if you’re going to pay the money for a pre-order one assumes you’re already committed to playing the game for the duration, to begin with. The fact remains, if ActiBlizz wanted to give these skins away without an effort, that would have happened. That’s not the intent. They’re not doing this to make you hate them. You’re supposed to be enjoying this. It’s a game.

Grinding Rep is Boring, Make it Stop.

No, it isn’t. If you play the game as it has been designed, grinding the rep required to get all these guys to Exalted is not hard, or stressful. It can reward you with hundreds of thousands of gold, mounts and pets, plus armour upgrades. The problem is that many people did not bother, or have been obsessed with AP gains, or 1001 other disparately individual excuses for not having done it. There’s no new content for months. You’re being asked to complete content (in many cases) that is new to you, and you’re still complaining?

All I ask is to do what I want…

That’s not how this works. It has NEVER been how this works. Nothing has changed since the last time you complained and now. Have you any idea how horrible it is to read people complaining that their game time is being ruined when I don’t have any game time because I’m too busy working. I ground out a good portion of my rep using a fucking mobile phone.

Please, just stop now.

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