My Mage and I go back a long way. She was once a Gnome.  Now her job is to give a break from Hunters and remind me that Frost spec’s a bloody marvellous thing to muck about with. She also stands as a constant reminder I need more stuff as cloth to mog with, but that’s beside the point. This is very much a Mog in Progress, But I love how it both looks and feels, especially the belt and hands combo. In fact, if I’m honest, that’s what I love most of all.


There’s not a single Mage tier I really like. It’s all too fussy and fiddly. Too much of the set stuff seems to have been designed with showy in mind. What I’m looking for is both simple and believable. Keu would have started with the shoulders and found bits that matched. It won’t matter that this isn’t the most stylish or clever robe either, just that there’s not too much flesh on show, and it won’t detract from her job. It has to be comfortable too. There’s no need to be flashy when you’re working.


I like having grey as a predominant colour. This weapon is one of the few things from Draenor that has been positive. If I was a Fire mage, I’d simply change the enchant to red, or maybe purple for Arcane. I get that some people like to colour their characters according to spec, but I really don’t see the point. She is what she is.

I like the simplicity and the care this Mog suggests.

Keu is wearing the following items:

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