This mount appears to have begun its existence as a Chinese only giveaway. Now, I can buy it on the Blizzard.net Store.

Except I won’t.

I knew this point would come, and I think this is probably the beginning of the end. I don’t need this. I don’t think it’s worth the £19 asking price. If the future is as I suspect, a procession of vanity items to separate me from my cash, I’m done. I made it to 300 mounts and frankly, the desire to keep pushing myself into more and more purchases which have no discernable effect on my happiness is largely pointless. I need to spend the money on things that do make me happy. Microtransactions like this won’t work.

It is time to let other people enjoy the stuff they like and move on.

One thought on “Walk on By

  1. There was no right answer for Blizzard when it came to releasing this mount.
    BfA pre-orders and allied races keeps the core playing WoW through the content drought. I do not think the pre-order is available in China so locked in those players with a Chinese New Year themed dog mount.

    Now what does Blizzard do with this mount for the rest of the world?
    Old Blizzard would have made it region exclusive and pissed off the RoW.
    Releasing it in a subscription bundle gets them nothing they haven’t already gained from the BfA pre-order.
    Holding it back to use in a later deal looks silly because of its theme.
    That leaves them with the cash shop. I would rather have it in the cash shop than not at all, but I wish they had found a better alternative.


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