It is a sad week for those of us who were taught to go out of combat during boss fights to bandage ourselves. It is an even sadder week for anyone who’s never used triage to heal themselves because if the current data from Alpha is to be believed, you will no longer have the skill to do so. First Aid is no more, with all the achievements moved to Legacy.

What will this actually mean for the game? Well, this is all gonna change for starters.


You’d think that of all the pointless, balls-achingly difficult professions they’d remove that Archaeology would be first in line, but nope. Regardless of my personal feelings, this interface is now unfit for purpose and if it is getting a revamp, I’d guess the Professions interface will too, which frankly is no bad thing. After that, bandages haven’t vanished: Tailors can make them, which partly makes me think this is being organised to allow Professions to sell stuff that will have an actual use across the entire 1-120 experience.

This presumably means you’ll see anti-venom from Alchemists, to come in line with the current Legion Engineering toys that can also heal you. It would also be a smart move to shift the First Aid that you get from Fishing to that profession: then, effectively, nobody loses out, and the ability to self-heal is available in multiple places, and not just the one. I can’t help but think this has come about because Classic is being produced, that the realisation this skill was vital back then but largely redundant now is pushing for change. It will also mean that the current Warcraft interface bears increasing less of a similarity to its Vanilla roots, which is going to matter going forward.

When you look at change in these terms, this becomes anything but a step backwards.


I’ll need to sort these two achievements out before they get shunted into obscurity, I suppose. Only three more to qualify as a Medic, and about 250 bandages, which is hardly going to break the bank. Yes, it is sad as someone who always levelled First Aid as a priority, knowing how much a bandage mattered. However, I’d be lying if I tried to justify the removal of this as anything other than natural progression. I’d be happier still if there were the chance of seeing a brand new profession in its place, but let’s be honest, that’s not happening anytime soon.

Goodbye, First Aid. You are only the first loss of what I suspect will be many things from Battle For Azeroth that are holding Warcraft back from being far more accessible.

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