This morning, I paid £19 to move a character and had a massive epiphany in the process.


I’ve committed myself to becoming part of a new Guild on Argent Dawn. Therefore, I feel there ought to be a L110 there as a starting point. Rather than simply make one I thought I’d take one of the unloved 100’s from Shadowsong and level her somewhere else… and then it dawned: the server is a problem. It is the place where I had all the time with my husband, who no longer plays. Of the people left whom I still have contact with in my Guild, none are really playing anymore, with far more important things to do with their lives.

Maybe it is time to accept that my future really does lie somewhere else.


Ultimately, my problem remains a staunchly emotional attachment to a bunch of pixels. As other people have found, leaving all that baggage behind can be either liberating or depressing, dependant on outlook. The biggest single issue I’ve had, on reflection, is the cost of shifting people. £19 each is a lot when you have 14 alts. It makes sense, therefore, to borrow one of the duplicate Hunters and send them out on a test run. If it all works out, I can pull other people across, spreading the cost of any potential migration.

Mostly, has come the realisation that if I want to play, there is nothing stopping me except myself. That was the case before this week, and nothing has changed.

One thought on “Moving On Up

  1. I am thinking I will be using my BfA boost to join a new guild on a new server for a bit of a fresh start. Decision fatigue is setting in when I try to decide, however. All the best with the move and I look forward to seeing how this adventure goes for you.


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