I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve tried to kickstart my playing time in Azeroth over the last few months. However, the move to Argent Dawn has begun a distinct and obvious sea change. In order to capitalise on this, the L100 move will need to stick.

Consider has to make it to L110, be decently geared, sooner rather than later.

I’d not grasped this was the first character I’d levelled (she began as a Dwarf but was race changed) and this title was the one I earnt in Southshore, before I’d hit level 40. As a result, it now seems largely appropriate to start the new journey with her. That mog really does need work but as to what it becomes? I’m not sure yet. I feel the need to make something completely old-fashioned, and that there might be some actual farming involved as a result. MogIt will be coming back into play, therefore, after I’ve finished my work on everything else for the day.

There also ought to be an effort to go and pick up some new pet skins.


I haven’t forgotten my Void Elf either and have cleared the decks to make sure some playtime gets sorted in the week. I’m going to have to go some to better this mog, however, which is now one of my favourites ever made. It is still a bit strange having a Belf on the Alliance side, but I am really enjoying the juxtaposition it throws up.

I really hope I can get her to L110 before the Expansion hits.

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