This is only a transitional Mog. Let’s be clear before we start. I want to start levelling this character and get her to L110 before there’s any serious thought about a final outfit. So, that means a bit of a rejig of elements I have used before, and then some time with MogIt.


She’s waiting for me in Dalaran, and once I’ve sorted out my novel and some chores, I hope to go get her Artifact weapon. We’ll be sticking with Beast Mastery, in the absence of any better idea, and on reflection, I’ve decided to stick with Engineering as a profession because there is a good chance I will actually get it to maximum. After that, anything goes.


I won’t use the artifact skins, I have no interest. I did make the trip over from my server with a bunch of L880 tokens, so it won’t be a struggle when I hit 110. However, that side of things really doesn’t bother me. Gearing has never been an issue, and I’m more than happy to do the work. Right now I wanted to feel as if she was ready to start again, and she is. We are. The new adventure starts today.


Consider is wearing the following:

One thought on “Vogue :: Purple Rain

  1. Really nice. I love purple mogs, but they’re difficult on some armor classes. The shading has to be perfect to make them look right. You’re tying in the grey really nicely with the rest of the outfit. I dig it!


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