I’d made a quiet promise to myself at the weekend: if this entire venture on Argent Dawn is going to work, there has to be a proper, organised beginning. Therefore yesterday evening all the decks got cleared after dinner, and I was off to start the artifact questline. In the end, Beast Mastery won the day, because of all the three specs there are on offer, it is the least stressful to solo. 


I’ve done this journey a few times now, and can understand why ‘Class Fantasy’ is no longer a thing. Listening to the various Dev communications since BfA began its testing, the emotion of Legion has been substituted with practical, analytical assessment. There is no space anymore for emotional attachments to characters: it’s all about practicalities and the understanding that if this game is to survive and grow, it has to get easier. Taking skills and talents away didn’t work for Hunters. It didn’t make anything simpler, long term.

In this respect, losing my second pet still hurts. I am aware there’s a concession on the cards, but it won’t really matter, because by destroying the Class Fantasy mechanic with such total and utter ruthlessness the emotion is gone. I don’t care. So, when it stops being about that kind of association, what is there to fall back on? Once I was weaponed up, I needed half a level to make it to 101. The original intent had been to quest, but I really do not have the desire to do the same stories again. Once is enough. So, I went and explored, picking up Mining and Engineering quests along the way.


As this hunter has forty free stable slots, there’s also the opportunity to tame some new stuff along the way, so here’s my Tank until I make it to 110 and change the Mog. I managed that half a level doing nodes, Bonus Objectives and the occasional rare. 101 allows me to go start my Order Hall, get some followers working and provide a bit of distraction. After that, I’ll go explore the entire map, mine everything I can and finish every Bonus Objective the map provides, and see where we are after that.

Then, I’ll spend some time across the weekend combining Lunar Festival grinding with picking up some Old World skins and maybe throwing myself into a few dungeons for old time’s sake…

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