Last night, I did three levels on the 105 Hunter I’d moved over to my new server in the week. She came with a selection of random crap: I didn’t bother stocking her with stuff from my old server because money is never an issue. Being a gatherer, I can happily make thousands of gold simply by levelling Professions, which is what has happened. Leatherworking and Mining both got lots of love, but when arriving at the Auction House, came my first genuine surprise of the move. It takes less than 30 seconds to scan the AH on my old server. The first time I did it on AD I thought after two minutes that the add-on had broken because there was no data. It took three and a half minutes finally to get a full sample.

It’s like Christmas and New Year rolled into one.


I’ve made 10k in three days. Everything on this page sold. All the leather I’ve gathered, and ore, and armour… Nothing is coming back. It is a reminder that if you land on a high-density cluster, suddenly, buying tokens for game-time becomes a distinct possibility. I’m now thinking about shuffling Vanity pets from the old server to here because some of the stuff I have gathering dust on the old home could be supremely valuable. It also makes me really encouraged that I could, and might yet, drop skinning for herbalism. However, the Void Elf has that and skinning, and what could yet happen is me going and getting her skill raised away from levelling with my good friend SAR.

The world is full of possibilities right now, which is awesome.

As a result of last night’s huge burst of enjoyment, I decided not to buy a couple of books this month and instead spent the money on bringing Pherian to AD. This way, she’ll get played more often, and I will start doing Legacy content again. I’m also more likely to keep up with WQ’s and other gubbins, mostly because it is existing on the old server which is now too painful. Without my husband to play with, there is nothing keeping me there anymore.

In fact, I’d like to be playing right now and not writing a Blog post, so if you will excuse me…

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