This is MonkBloke. He’s not just a Monk, but a BLOKE too. He’s the latest addition to the Argent Dawn family because I need someone to sell all the shit, and I can’t be arsed to go to Stormwind all the time. So, he sits by the mailbox and waits for crap to arrive, then off he goes to sell it. Poor bloke doesn’t have any shoes, so he’s walking da Azeroth like that bloke from that Eastern Martial Arts show. He also wasn’t swayed by the cheap Netherweave Bags for storage. It’s non-bind 16 slotters all the way for THIS Bloke.


Garassah is now 100, thanks to an Invasion and this Mining Trainer hand-in. This now gives me lots to do with her, including finishing the Class Hall and getting the Mobile App running. Next up on the priority list will be getting the Other OTHER Hunter to 110 as well. In terms of gear, Gara’s done pretty well. Having a bunch of 880 tokens becomes its own reward, I picked up a trinket and cape from the first round of WQ’s, and once I start the Argus questline, it won’t take long to poke myself into the 900’s. In fact, I can guarantee she’ll be awesomely geared without much hassle. The bigger issue is maxxing out her Mining skill in anticipation for BfA :D

Pherian’s gonna go do the WQ’s in a sec before I knuckle down and do my work for the day. All in all, I am very happy with the current state of affairs.

This is a positive means to move my gaming experience forward.

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