Let me tell you how today has gone…


I’ve been getting annoyed with my UI for some time. Swapping servers has meant all my settings have gone tits up. I decided a while back after reading a post by my mate Jesse that it was probably time to sort my life out. So this morning, I just did it.

From start to finish it took three hours. The result, I think, is a considerable improvement on the old layout.


Before, all was clutter… Click here for Large Version!

I will, at some point, re-introduce threat meters and DPS meters but at this stage in proceedings, they are largely pointless. My chat windows now toggle, so until I’m guilded again they’re largely erroneous too. Mostly I’ve cleaned away ALL the old wood, stuff that wasn’t used and created an interface I can be comfortable with. DBM is still there, I still have scrolling combat text, but the key change is removing Bartender forever and moving over to ElvUI. As it stands, I could not be happier, even though it will mean a redesign of every Class. I’ll just do them as and when they are logged, and take it from there.


Sometimes, it is just simpler to throw everything away and start again. Minimalism really does work, if you have the nerve to just remove everything….

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