The last few days have been, it must be said, a bit of an eye-opener.

On reflection, the decision to change servers has been EXACTLY the right thing to do. Once I moved past the guilt of leaving people behind who really don’t play the same way I do and haven’t for some time, there is now a myriad of new and interesting possibilities to be had. No, I won’t be raiding anytime soon (and LFR will only happen with whoever ends up getting designated as Main after we see what happens with Class Changes) but there’s a real optimism in the air that has not existed for several years.

The US adventure is also going hugely well. Getting the 10 Mount Achievement by buying Class Mounts was the wakeup call that was really needed: every pet that drops whilst levelling is needed, all the armour is a massive upgrade. It is like being brand new again, without any of the preconceptions and hangovers that accompany that with about a thousand alts. Mostly, it is enjoying green text again. This is a social game. It is meant to be played with others and not alone.

That’s the biggest lesson to be learnt from all of this. I just want a place to belong.

I’m glad I’ve yelled for help. This is a great place to be right now. If you’ll excuse me, I have World Quests to complete :D

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