I’ve made time over the last week to play in Azeroth in a manner which I find most enjoyable. That means that yesterday morning, I fished for an hour.


I’ve sorted out a couple more traits on the Underlight Angler, and started on another of the FisherFriends so I can get that knocked off before BfAAs you can see from the header, there’s also been work on the second Hunter to push their pre-Expansion organisation forward. There’s also an admission to make: I transferred my Mage midweek to Argent Dawn. She’s had to undergo a name change, which is unfortunate but necessary, but now she too can work on those last points in Enchanting, plus all that green armour that MonkBloke is hoarding gets to be used as part of that plan.

That reminds me, it’s Darkmoon Faire week.

I hope to have some more, deeper things to say about Warcraft this week. For now, it really is just playing to enjoy myself.

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