There was a time, in the career of this website, where I liked to talk about the nuts and bolts of the game, as well as the sociological and moral consequences that arose from action and consequence That’s not happened for a while. The reason for this is twofold: I no longer live, eat and breathe Azeroth as was once the case. More importantly, that creative drive has been and continues to be effectively channelled elsewhere, and that is not likely to alter going forward. However, there are perilously few people who do this, and this continues to be the case. In fact, I could probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of writers who would dare challenge the unequalled supremacy of ActiBlizz in all things.

That’s not healthy, especially in the current climate.


The problem, such as it exists for those with an almost slavish devotion to their IP’s, is that even constructive comment ends up being labelled as criticism. Unless you’re 100% behind everything, the sockpuppets and trolls will automatically assume you’re an enemy of the Alliance and the Horde and set to destroy your life with ruthless efficiency. Having started the process of removing such issues from my life, it might seem a bit odd to now consider coming back to garner more grief, but I feel that the desire to be honest will always supercede the fear of reprisal.

In fact, this is the time that such critical appraisal should be front and centre.


Therefore, with my thirteen years played Anniversary coming up, it is high time this website got a bit more love than is currently levelled in its general direction. You can expect to see some changes in architecture in the next couple of weeks, and a focus towards what it is that will matter to me in the months that follow. I have committed to a play-time career in both the US and EU for Battle for Azeroth, and that will reflect in content going forward.

If you miss the old, ranty Alt?

Don’t worry, she’s still here.

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