The Trial of Style is up again. I was on holiday the last time this happened, so my inaugural experience was… well, pretty much as expected. I (of course) Min/Maxxed before going in there, with an outfit for everything except the Tabard option, which (inevitably) came up first. I don’t wear tabards. They ruin the line of my outfits.

I’m probably taking this a bit too seriously, right?


Of my five ‘runs’ I placed best where I wasn’t subtle at all. In fact, garish won the day in every case. Now my brain has grasped that it is okay, this is not a genuine condemnation of your personal aesthetic, I just need to grind out the tokens. I’ve not worked out what that means as yet, but it won’t take long, and then this does become just another thing I log into the game to do, and Actiblizz can count me yet again as a MAU. On reflection, this was never going to be anything other than a subjective experience, and it has nothing at all to do about winning.

This is not a popularity contest, despite this Scenario being exactly that. It doesn’t matter who wins, you get the tokens regardless. I suspect there’s some item you can only own by winning however, and that’s already making me feel uncomfortable. You see, I could pay for a dungeon carry, buy my way to an Ahead of the Curve achievement. If you need five other people to assist with success in THIS event?

You really have missed the point of playing.



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