I spent some time yesterday rearranging my gear so I could finally use the L1000 Ring reward received for killing Argus. Doing World Quests this morning came the realisation just how much gear inflation is obvious when you look from the start of the Expansion to where we are now.


I went to kill Falcosaurs and Moose in Highmountain and, quite literally, one shot was all that was needed to wipe them out. I failed to reinstall damage meters after my UI cleanup (something I will fix later) but there is no need to see there’s been an increase. I can feel it. Plus, with the final trait and full Netherlight on this character… well, ilevel 935 is more than enough to just wipe out anything in the World. I feel this should have been done sooner, but there’s been a lot to settle with Guild moves and character changes. Plus, now this part of my life is officially a hobby, it doesn’t seem nearly as important that I’m over-geared. 



Now comes the slow process of maxxing Professions, and saving money to transfer all my alts off my old Server. Part of me is considering splitting the load between Argent Dawn and a second, unnamed location where I can now quietly slum anonymously. I’m happy to be known in some places now and not in others. The first stage is transferring the main Vanity Guild I have on Shadowsong, which will be organised next week. I have a few ideas of where I would like to go too and will investigate further once I’ve done the work needed to keep me happy. If I can make money with each point of Enchanting, that’s the way forward. This reminds me, I need to make a Vanity Guild on Argent Dawn…

There’s always so much to do and never enough time.


2 thoughts on “Bang Bang

  1. Well, I have to say Sarah, you seem very organised in relation to the direction you want to take things moving forward to the new expansion. You are definitely more forward thinking in relation to the game than me, I know I will be back for the new xpac but that is about it so far.

    As usual, it will be time to get around the new systems that will be in place for the seventh time. Differently, this time for me though I have been staying away from the news. So everything will be either a nasty shock or a pleasant surprise for me.

    I will, of course, look forward to reading your travels through the ‘WoW Hobby Blog’, and hopefully even agreeing with you on occasions. So even though we don’t have Azeroth in 5 anymore or popcorn munching while live-tweeting Blizzcon, I am sure we will still have some fun here, and at the end of the day that is all we need.


  2. I agree with you 1000%. It’s so evident when I switch between my geared characters and my sadly neglected alts. I have a Rogue that can – quite literally – fan of knives the ravasaurs, while there are plate wearing Paladins that have to pop cooldowns when they’re surrounded by mistake. So frustrating. It’s only 10 iLevels in some cases, and it makes a WORLD of difference.


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