The job is done. It took a Support Ticket to complete, but now my main Vanity Bank (plus custodian for a decade) has made it over to Argent Dawn. I could easily have set up the same without paying the switchover cash, but in this case, there are a lot of personal items that I wanted to make the trip over, which now have. Roughbeard’s spent a lot of time in Stormwind over the past decade, but he’s now back in Ironforge.

This now gives somewhere to call home for the alts, when I can finally afford to pull them over. It also prompts me to get the Mac’s client updated, allowing me to go back to dual boxing :D


After that, there probably needs to be thought over what gets done before Battle for Azeroth launches. As I’m only here now from a hobby point of view, there’s probably quite a lot of mileage in breaking down what that means. For now, I’ll get everybody who is unguilded into one to stop the almost constant spam I’m getting on AD right now. There’s not a problem, as the place is so active. It also gives a sense of belonging, where one was missing before.

It’s good to have a new home again.

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