This is the longest I’ve gone without writing a post for some time. It does not mark a lack of interest in Azeroth, simply a temporary redirection of effort to other projects. I’m spending my gaming budget this month on rewarding other people for their commitment to the cause, then I’ll have a month to save, in order to instigate the following plan:

Everything Must Go


Before BfA launches, I will have moved all my alts from my original starting server. All those servers with odd alts on them will be deleted and removed for good. I intend to divide my time in the following fashion:

  • Main EU Guild
  • Vanity EU Guild
  • Main US Guild

I won’t be able to afford all the moves I want, and so some long-played alts will be deleted. The choice of who they are is still being made, but I think the comment I read from yesterday’s Q&A about Alts generally made my mind up. Blizzard isn’t really interested in those of us with vast families anymore, the game being made so that it is incredibly difficult to work well with more than half a dozen characters at once. You can do it of course, but not without becoming completely dedicated to your life online. It’s ironic that we’ll be offered a ton of new Allied Races, but other systems won’t be altered to support that change.

T’was ever thus.

One of Everything


The time for multiple hunters is over. Yeah, it’s great to play the same thing for ease of use, but this is not getting my Transmog desires fixed anytime soon, and with Personal Loot now the default state for BfA, I need to effectively possess four mains. This means that Retri Paladin and the Rogue automatically survive my character purge. Who gets the nod amongst three clothies is less clear, as Professions are also going to play a significant part in proceedings. I am also interested to see if keeping the three types of Alchemists will have a benefit. Whatever happens, hunter numbers will suffer.

There is a natural end to all things, and this is it for the pet users.

Money Makes the World Go Around


One of my long-term objectives is to carry on making money. The cash I have will be used to buy Transmog items I don’t own, and vanity pets to try and complete my various collections. After that, if there’s enough of it I might fund my sub, but honestly, I doubt that there’ll be enough motivation to make that stick. For now, the main concern is to keep everybody self-sufficient using professions and to buy everything else.

After that, we’ll busk it.

I’m now going to spend the weekend not playing but organising some much-needed parts of my home life, and once I return on Monday, the New Game Order will be implemented. I look forward to seeing some of you for the journey onward, to new and better things.


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