I’m not supposed to be spoiling myself for Alpha, but sometimes I just can’t help myself…

I KNOW Alpha is when stuff gets tested. That’s totally fine, and so when something like this pops up you can realistically expect it not to be final. Except… First Aid’s on the way out, that we know. That appeared with zero warning and is still, I believe, yet to be officially confirmed. This, however, if this change goes through to both factions (right now, it’s only Alliance characters who get the confirmation dialogue) it is going to cause a few issues not only for the Live game but for a LOT of people who’ve played since launch.

That would include me.


My first thought is that Fishing is now being considered as a gathering profession. Well, that’s always been the case, and certainly, with its run-in with Alchemy and First Aid, it has maintained that status for some time. Therefore, it would make sense to pair the two. However, for someone like me who already has Leatherworking as a Primary profession which in turn is inextricably linked to Skinning as the compliment, there’s now quite a significant conflict of choice at play. More importantly, if I can only possess two gathering professions the day I log into the game for the Battle for Azeroth pre-Expansion patch, I won’t take kindly if the game looks at three Primary professions, decides for itself ‘no you can only have two’ and automatically unlearns Leatherworking.

Thinking ahead is a good idea, you know.


After that, I’m surprisingly sanguine at the possibility. Yes, there will be certain players utterly up in arms at this, because it effectively curtails a significant branch of money-making. For me, I could drop Skinning easily and have an Alt do the work. After that, it will entirely depend on what the Professions offer in terms of actual use when we get to actually know that information with confidence. Right now, if I had to prioritise the use of items in my possession, the Fishing artefact beats my skinning knife. I can cover the material shortfall elsewhere, and it is not an issue.

This makes me wonder however how much else of the Professions model may now be under threat if we’re adding a new Primary to the mix…

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