This week, Blizzard takes the Alpha Client on the road to Boston, to showcase the new feature in Battle for Azeroth that is supposed to get us all excited: Island Expeditions. The spiel from Blizzcon made them sound a bit PvP and a bit RTS and undoubtedly they’ll be designed to play quickly and easily without someone judging your gear score ability along the way. There’s also mutterings that a lot of people have been summoned to Irvine for something and there’s the possibility of a lot of press for one of the IP’s in the near future.

All I’d like to do is play, I’ll be honest, but there’s still not the time.


However, it now looks as if I will have some free time on Friday in which to at least sort out what happens next with the alt family. I’ve already removed a load of unused characters, but will now publicly admit I can’t bring myself to delete anybody else. So, what is likely to happen is that I’ll transfer a plate and leather wearer to my AD home (so there’s one of each armour type for transmog) and then everybody else will go into storage. I’ll focus on getting the AD characters to a decent iLevel for BfA, and that’s it, because the reality right now is nothing else.

That means the Paladin and the Rogue will transfer, along with the Warlock that may yet still end up as my main if they destroy Hunters too much, and we’ll then call it a day.

Legacy Farming Plate

Once the Easter/Spring Break is over with, I’ll be scheduling time each week to play.

More on that in a separate blog post.

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