I was looking through old blog posts from 2013 yesterday, searching for something unrelated to Warcraft, when I unearthed a post I’d consciously deleted from public view yet saved privately. I know the reason too: stuff was picked up via Twitter at the time (yes, it existed back then) which was interpreted possibly as a personal attack. It doesn’t matter whether they were or not, there was sufficient paranoia/arrogance enough back then to assume people would do this because I disagreed with them. The reality was that most of these people that were looked up to, aspired from afar didn’t even know I existed. They were completely wrapped up in the pursuit of careers to register stuff that was not important to them.

When people make Warcraft their job, this attitude has always been a bit of a problem.

Any Community works best when everyone pulls the same way. Sadly, with the many and various manners in which this game can be played, this takes effort some are not prepared to maintain. There’s a group of min/maxxers still hate those casuals over there, a sub-community of gold makers block and ignore each other… and the lists go on. It is rarely the game which causes these disagreements, and always the people. I have to count myself in those numbers too because, on most days, I’d rather cut out conflict than spend time and space attempting to reason with idiocy. It is because the game does not form a significant part of my life as it did. This doesn’t mean those still levelling multiple alts or raiding twice a week are my enemies, far from it.

My best friends still play more than me, and that’s absolutely fine.


I came to the conclusion last night, reading my own words, that I definitely owe a few people an apology. There are some really decent people out there who no longer talk to me and whose input is genuinely missed. I’m sorry my own arrogance and pig-headedness was the result of our falling-outs. Yes, there’s been some genuine mistakes in nine years, which are still being learnt from. However, the arrogant, narrow-minded fuckwits are also still here, largely unchanged, and it is to them I speak this morning. You didn’t listen to me five years ago, and there’s not much hope that you will do so now. As someone who at times could be considered amongst your number, there’s a lot to learn from not being the insular, mindless bastard in this relationship.

This could be the moment to stop being a dick and fix that.

I know everybody wants to be their own TV channel: self-creation is very much the future of entertainment. However, and this is crucial, blocking out everybody else to achieve that is not the answer. Single-minded determination to make your brand a career is very worthy, but will not address the longer term issues the Planet needs resolving. Unless we fix a lot of the self-centred ‘I matter most’ attitude-related fixations, there may not be a planet left for you to broadcast to. It is why I’ve made a decision to spend less time in video games generally and more time trying to make people think on wider stages. It’s why I’ll make money for the people who need it more than me away from charity streams. The last thing this world needs is another person vying for attention on a screen.

What we all need to do now is stop attacking others simply for entertainment or to garner views.


There used to be somebody who followed me only for contests, who I ended up summarily blocking a while back, who ran a whole blog full of screenshots detailing the people in-game who’d abuse him. They’re no better than those who continually complain about other people’s shortcomings yet do nothing to change themselves, and there’s a list of those people that make up a significant portion of my Mute filter. This month, the job is to stop following those individuals as a wake-up call. I don’t need to continually listen to you having a miserable time. If you don’t like how this game is panning out, just stop playing it.

That’s why I don’t raid anymore. I don’t resent the other people who do or criticise them for their choices. Despite what some people might believe, having a difference of opinion is not a personal attack. It is rarely the game itself that is at issue, nearly always people’s interpretation of the game’s meaning. Occasionally, Actiblizz fucks up, but honestly, it is not nearly as often as the opinionated would have us believe, in order to sell you their streams, blogs and podcasts.

People have always been the real problem here.

I’m sorry if I was/am/are yours.

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