Between exercise and the final start to Spring Cleaning, I’ll be organising my characters online life this week ahead of the new Expansion. Once everybody is moved and settled (which includes a number of vanity banks) then there can be a consideration of what happens next. However, before that takes place I’ll want to organise the UI’s of all the characters I’m keeping, plus I’ll be spending quite a lot of gold.

It won’t be on vanity mounts or pets but on Transmog.


With the changes to loot and drops in dungeons, I’ve decided it is time to make the most of the AH. I refuse point blank to drop anything more than 1000g on any item of armour, however, and so there will be alts doing a daily sweep of the various AH’s that have characters attached to them. This also means going through every Expansion and working out what can be purchased. Normally there’d be worry over gear level but not this time around. As I’m no longer playing for the End Game or indeed the raid spots, what my characters wear going into BfA is largely irrelevant.

How stylish they look remains far more important.


On the US Servers, my main priority is not transmog, but L110. If I can get there without too much stress, I’ll upgrade my account in anticipation of the August release. The money I have saved on other servers will then be used in providing vanity clothing items for my Troll Hunter.

Expect to see me faffing online this weekend.

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