Last night, I dreamt of Karazhan.

It seems odd, after all this time, for brain to stop at this part of my history, but on reflection, it is no surprise. This was the place for so many firsts and also lasts. The first time I fucked up on voice, that someone ragequit, that I felt as if the game was properly beaten. Our best tank leads a raid on Wednesday and vanished from existence the next day: no warning (and to this day) no real understanding of why he left. It was the golden age of my best mate’s bad punning but stellar Druid tanking. It was the first indicator that some people, down the line, would be nothing but trouble.

Karazhan was the metaphor for everything both good and bad in Warcraft.

When it became soloable,  a lot of time was spent in there with Attumen. Then I’d farm it for Spider Silk to make bags, and finally just be there sometimes for a reminder of the nostalgia. I positively hate what they did with it via the reboot. There, I said it. This was the instance that finally destroyed my husband’s desire to play: there’s no blame there, just the understanding that sometimes, certain things should just be left well alone. Recycling the same shit, over and over again, finally came home to roost.

Now, it is a reminder of an era I often wish was truly recapturable. The last time this was discussed, someone popped up to remind me how my view of the past wasn’t right or accurate, and ever since there’s been a fear that maybe perception of those times has always been slightly faulty. Do you make history more attractive sometimes because your present is lacking? In this case, without doubt, a lot of things could have been done better. However, there are no regrets. Without this path, the present would not exist in its current form.

Without this past, I’d have no present.


There will be some time made to go back there on my journey to organisational nirvana. For now, the dream is a reminder that subconscious sometimes knows better than me what it is that needs to be organised.

In this case, it’s time to make bags.

One thought on “King of My Castle

  1. I agree with you and have the same sentiments. Karazahn was the pinnacle of the game for me. Heck, any MMO I think. Running a guild, raiding, organizing people, those were the days. I would also frequently go back and run through it just because I could, and sometimes the old friends from that time would join with me. Nostalgia is powerful.

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