It was a Good Day (TM) yesterday, helped by the fact all the garden work that was planned got effectively rained off. I have one of each armour type on the same server, and the money is beginning to flow again. After this is written those four characters will be finally organised with daily WQ’s and then, one after the other, they’ll start farming some Legacy content in the free time Found between working.

I’d expect to hear some noise about pre-Expansion events quite soon. Time to make sure everybody is ready.

It’s hardly a massive list of things to do. It helps I don’t give a damn about skins for the Artifacts, so no Mage Tower stress. All that is important are the details that I define as significant, and after that, it’s a faff on my terms. With a near infinite amount of Things to Do on the list?

Nothing to complain about and everything to gain.

Let’s get started.

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