It has been quite some time since I logged into the game a) during the week and b) in the morning but today, its 5K Resources for the start of World Quest/Extra Rep week. With so many people needing that boost, time to get the one person who doesn’t sorted for the Argus stuffs. Pher even managed a small gear upgrade. However, the main areas of interest are now all ready to go.

Of the few things I would like to get ‘done’ before this whole shebang of getting behind starts again, it’s the Falcosaur mounts. Therefore, the last two in progress get pushed further forward, then the Ultimate Training Stone reward from killing Krosus is used to level the Bloodgazer. After that, I’ll get everybody else who can run WQ’s on the new server organised, and start making some more money. That should keep me going for a while.

I’m quite looking forward to this…

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