Once upon a time, stuff was too hard. Now, it’s better. Some stuff still doesn’t get done, and the whole ‘you gotta do this X times a week just to get better gear’ is no longer a mantra that needs repeating. If I get an upgrade, great. If a Legendary drops and a character doesn’t have one, so much the better. I’m not grinding Essences or caring about what falls out of caches either. If it happens, yay. If it doesn’t, move on.


The ‘family’ is now established: eight characters. Not all Professions are represented. I may well amend that once the changes to that part of the game go through in BfA, but there’s no real point in grinding that either. For now, the plan is simple. Gearing, playing, enjoying myself. Getting mounts where possible. Doing Legacy content when time allows. Buying Transmog, farming it and making it. That should be more than enough to cover the shortfall between here and pre-Expansion, which really should be happening at some point in the near future.


This seems like more than enough work. There’s quests to finish for Class Halls. Just grinding WQ’s makes a decent amount of cash. Plus, nobody’s stressing me into anything that doesn’t need to be done. The alts left behind will be deleted. Some of you might find that a bit odd, but there is no point in going back to the game as it used to be.

It really is time to move on.

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