My name is Alt, and I’m finding the idea of Classic Warcraft increasingly attractive.


Okay, I’ve said it.


When the row about Nostalrius Begins broke, someone unfollowed me over my initial reaction to the concept, which can be roughly summarised as ‘I wish these people would just shut the fuck up and go away.’ Except, of course, they didn’t. It all got huge and significant and then Blizzard announced Classic servers. As time went on, the idea of Classic stopped being dumb. If the best of the current tech could be combined with the Classic ‘experience’ there was potential.

There was also an emergent realisation of getting to L60 and that being max level could be… well, a relief.


The infinite nature of Azeroth, expansion after Expansion where there is never an end and you cannot ‘finish’ has begun to truly bother me. There’s also little or no desire to sit for days on end and play when there are more attractive options away from gaming. As playtime has reduced, ability to retain all the information required to survive adequately has become nigh on impossible. My brain simply cannot cope with what is being asked. So, there’s a choice: stop playing, or find the means to reduce Warcraft to being doable under my restrictions.

As it stands, Classic would tick an awful lot of boxes. I already know how it works, and returning to a World without all the additional stuff piled on top is really rather attractive as a result. Ironically, given a choice between the new plot-lines and what I know happened at the start, re-living the old days is becoming increasingly compelling. Of course, the problem is all the hard work put in over the last decade plus that would be lost if the current game is tossed. On days like today, that’s a concept that’s surprisingly easy to rationalise.


It is all going to depend on exactly what Battle for Azeroth presents me with, starting in about six weeks with the pre-Expansion event. Right now, it is time for honesty. I need a game to play that doesn’t demand so much, and BfA is being produced to do just that, just as Legion was before…

I’d love to know when we could expect a Classic reboot trailer.

3 thoughts on “The Old Songs

  1. I have always been a fan of returning to classic for different reasons – mostly because I absolutely hated the destruction of Cataclysm. Now, at the end of Legion, I am in the same boat as you – overwhelmed with too much stuff to do. Leveling alts to 110 has exhausted me. Thoughts of gearing them, thinking about doing mage tower on them sends sheer panic through me. And here we are getting more bombarded with content in two months.

    Either way, I eagerly await getting to play Classic once again. Yes it will be long and grindy and not-as-convenient as things are now. But hey, it’s a more simple time that I can deal with.


  2. I don’t. And for the most part that’s because I decided not to. Yes, that’s a bit of a circle but I could fill a book with all the pros and cons.
    I’d say we should cherish the ability to move on more than we do but it’s difficult for me to think of expansions as progress, and BfA may sell the idea of progress about as much as WoD did. In the face of that it does look a bit as if we could as well enjoy the less linear approach of past WoW.
    God, I wish, WoD had tried to show how stupid Garrosh’s True Horde was.

    i don’t have issues with content, though. For some reason I don’t think of it as content I’m unable to complete. Maybe it’s because I suspect I’ll stay with Legion for a long time.


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