Okay, I’m here now for the Expansion build-up. RL money’s been spent dragging my Warlock across to the new Server in anticipation of playing her first, as I’m hearing a lot of rubbish about BM being gutted. I’ll bring the Horde contingent over next month, too, because honestly I want everybody on a single server. It’s just easier. Having been provided the answer to the Class Hall Mount question, it is time to sort out farming some stuff, collecting rep, and generally getting my arse in gear.


I finished this with cash last night, because nobody’s got time for Legacy farming unless it’s REALLY well planned, with no inclination any more to grind these places now they’re being commercially farmed. Monetising all that old content’s lovely and everything, but I miss simpler times. It is now considerably easier just to sell everything I pick up and use the cash to buy this shit.


I’m also not sure what’s left on this list that’s really wanted, or what might be easily doable, so there needs to be a bit of a faff on that front to ascertain what’s missing. No, I’ve not done Wailing Caverns properly, or indeed the Deadmines at all, and honestly I don’t care. Sorry, all those PvP achievements will be left undone too. It is really unlikely that anything will make that side of things attractive at any point in the future. I’m here to collect what is affordable or that can be captured myself. There will be some effort to upgrade everybody to Epic, though. New 110’s have pet collection shoulder enchants in place.


Having been asked by several people what it is that is keeping me in game at present, the answer can be very succinctly summed up in this screenshot. I enjoy questing, gathering stuff, selling and disenchanting it and then using that to improve Professions. The Mage now has both Enchanting and Tailoring maxxed and next on the list are Engineering and Alchemy, both of which will be done on at least one character before the Expansion ends. I’ll be transferring my Scribe across today to the second account (who will need a name change as I’ve used her name for the Paladin already) and that will mean that all there is left to do is Blacksmithing.

Then, I suspect we’ll take everything as it goes with the changes.


I’m away at the weekend so there’ll be some playtime before to sort out food and potions for everybody, plus a ton of Goblin Gliders for early Expansion mobility…

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