I’m here to remind all those of you who malign Group Finder tools and LFG groups that without them, people like me don’t get awesome evenings in game like last night was. I wanted to do something that felt worthwhile and important. I was on my own, and with a list of mounts that, in most cases, were anything but a given to collect. So, I went to the island off Dalaran where Conjurer Margoss lives and started fishing, before it occurred to me that maybe other people would be doing the same. The group I initially joined had five people in it, but at it’s peak several hours later we were a full 40 man raid. The buff to collect Drowned Mana was up, I’d say, about 30 minutes in the hour.


It was lovely to feel part of something awesome without all of the social anxiety that comes with having to talk or act a certain way. I could just fish, and throw in my coins, and fish again until it was all over, but remembered to thank everybody in the group for their help. I still need to grind 100 Mana for the two pets, but that is hardly a stress if there’s a group up to do so. In fact, at the current pick up rates yesterday, that’s an hour’s work. I however, was here for one thing:


It’s an ugly thing, but I don’t care. It’s another thing I managed to do. Enthused with this effort last night, today I unlocked the Kosumoth World Quest.

Considering where I believe we’re going in BfA, this is a quest with a lot of relevant resonance. It is also one of the most frustrating hunts I have ever done, which has given me new respect for the level designers in game. Hiding caves under trees is EVIL, guys, and some of the containers within containers did almost make me cry. But now the guy is unlocked, I have the pet and (presumably) at some point the mount just turns up as a reward. Which is nice.

Next up? Hunting down the remaining Argus mounts.

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