I have a list of mounts to collect before the pre-Expansion patch hits. That means that this week, whenever there’s some free time, I’ll be fishing in Argus.


Somewhere, in this slime, is the Pond Nettle. If I believe the data-mining you do not need  maximum skill to catch this, merely patience. Therefore, I am using my Rouge to do the farming because her skill is 300 short of maximum, and there’s a decent chance this will take some time. Thus far, there’s been over 200 casts and 55 skill points. Patience is my strong point. I could do this all day, but not this week. Therefore it happens between trips out and important other gubbins.


I’m quite looking forward to maxxing skill well before I catch the mount.

In Other News: there’s now enough Medallions of the Legion to get that reputation maxxed once the Faire comes around again… :D

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