It has been nine days since my last blog. The relief this has granted, not having to write every day, has resulted in a 1000% improvement in all aspects of my life elsewhere. It is an indicator of how much life has changed since the end of the last Expansion. Back then, you had to warn people that stuff was going away and that they had limited time to complete stuff. These days, Blizzard does it for you.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll begin the process to destroy the item I spent far too much time struggling to keep relevant. It was the ball and chain that hindered so many others, that I watched people complain about almost from the word go. The only lesson learnt, it appears to me, is that with the next Expansion my new shackle will be more customisable, but no less avoidable. It is what it is, and if I want to continue to play all the old stuff, the new stuff demands its tribute.

Then, once I’ve sorted my weapon on everybody, it can’t be long before the inevitable finally happens.


No, I haven’t done the Field Medic quest, and that’s perfectly okay. I still have 0% desire to go do the Mage Tower, even if it is up 24/7. This Expansion was never  about me having a physical manifestation of ability. I’m here to enjoy myself, on my terms, and that’s all I have to say about that.


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