Gaming’s a funny old game, Brian. Sometimes, you get the amazing feeling of a journey worth travelling and satisfactorily completed, and occasionally you don’t.

The ‘dramatic denouement’ of Legion (and the means by which your weapon becomes a Transmog skin and nothing more) involves you and a bunch of NPC’s pointing them at the fuck off big sword in Silithus which then stops being corrupted but doesn’t vanish. The instability of your weapon, absorbing all that corruption, is then represented by numbers. Lots and lots of numbers, getting progressively bigger and more scary until the pre-Expansion patch happens and we all forget about the shortcomings of Legion and focus on getting to level 120.

Hang on, I have a meme for this…


The reality of the denoument, at least for me, is that some alts require better relics as a matter of urgency. I made a thread about this on Twitter. It starts with the Tweet below:

Please don’t get me wrong, I do love plot in Warcraft. I sincerely hope the hiring of a woman who writes Warcraft novels for a living may yet sound the glorious return to an Expansion where the plot drives everything including the mechanics, and not the other way around. As I’ve not spoilt myself for details, that side of things remains a glorious, rather exciting unknown. Let me say this, in public, for the record:


I’m also a realist.

There was a lot of muttering yesterday once this change became apparent from the Hunters of this Parish that ’10 slots is not enough.’ My thoughts on the subject go roughly as follows:

  1. This is a perfect number of slots. It is more than nothing (hence showing the Devs are listening and accept the issue) and less than eleven.
  2. By granting only ten slots, the player is forced to take responsibility for what gets tamed. You cannot have everything. Choice is forced into decision making.
  3. This also shows a willingness to, at some point in the future, further expand the Stables. It also demonstrates that pet families will have an increasing significance in future hunter game-play.
  4. If they’d have done nothing, the entire Hunter Community would have assumed that the Devs hate us even more than they clearly do. This is something.


This dance happens every Expansion. Some people are happy, others are not. At least this time we have an opportunity to refresh our pets. The reality is, of course, I’ll most likely stick with the ones for which I have the most emotional attachment, and not the one that look coolest. Blizzard know this, and that’s why the Hunter changes reflect a focus towards actual playability whilst moving a step away from vanity.

Don’t make me use the meme again.

One thought on “You Can’t Always Get What You Want

  1. At least I will give them some credit for coming up with a credible reason why, as a character, I might choose to give up this massively powerful weapon that I’ve been carting around for the last two years. It at least makes more sense then why I chose to replace my legendary ring from WoD or my legendary cloak from MOP with the first available Fireflame Doohicky of the Nerfburger.

    I’m hoping for an engaging pre-expansion period!


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