Finally, after far too long in the shadow of that other bloke that used to be a Warcraft designer, Ion Hazzikostas is finally given the big stage, outside of the Irvine, California campus. This Wired video is a big deal, folks, and the most opportune piece of pre-Expansion advertising I’ve seen Blizzard undertake since… well, those adverts. You remember the good old days, right?

It is clearly been registered, somewhere in the hierarchy of Activision Blizzard, that this game desperately needs some fresh blood on board. The whole Movie Crossover Experiment was all well and good, but there’s still a massive shortfall of new players who a) turn up and play past the Starter Edition and b) stay on long term. Privately, I’ve heard several people talking about how the Battle for Azeroth is really very important to further simplify many basic principles of game-play, whilst redefining how players are encouraged to remain in the World.

Sticking this history lesson in Wired hits straight at a more mature target audience than perhaps a lot of players might think are the type of person to pick up this game. However, a lot has changed since 2004.

It is a very different World outside of Azeroth too. Maybe, after BfA is a massive success and loads of new people come into the game, we could find the means to be a bit more representative of the diversity that exists inside the Company when it does PR exercises like this.

That might open up interest to more people, too.

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