This post has been a long time in coming. It’s going to set out what will happen for Battle for Azeroth, and what you can expect from this site as a result. It is, in effect, a statement of my future within World of Warcraft.


The Main Remains the Same

Having spent quite a bit of time considering a) the amount of time I’ll have to play going forward and b) what it is I’d like out of BfA, Pherian remains the first person going out once the XP restrictions come off. However, I’m not taking time off to play, and certainly won’t be stressing over hitting L120 as quickly as possible. After my ASD diagnosis, and understanding how difficult it has been in the past to adjust to the pre-Expansion changes, it is far more important to get comfortable with the UI before worrying about anything else. As there’ll be less time to do that before Launch, comfort beats progression.


Legacy Matters

I am still more interested in Legacy content than steaming towards max level. This comes as no real surprise considering the content we’ll be getting, and that open warfare is being actively encouraged as advertising. Yeah, it’s okay, I get that they want people to PvP more, and that somehow using this to access content faster is going to keep people interested. You have my money, and my attention, guys. I’ve not unsubbed despite having played less this Expansion than any one previously. I dropped nearly £200 on shifting characters so I’m ready for August. My devotion to duty is not in question.


Eyes (no longer) on the Prize

Whilst everybody else scrambles this weekend for the Achievements about to vanish, I’m now singularly unfussed about either points or prestige. I’ll be taking titles off all the alts and concentrating on Transmog as my show of individuality from now on. The whole in-game world seems to have devolved into what make the best Instagram post or Twitter screenie, and that’s not a game I’m prepared to play in the real world. It’s certainly not going to happen in Azeroth. Go about your business, I’ll be over here quietly exploring.


Who Shares, Wins

There are eleven alts in the frame that I’d be interested in playing with, and who will all (eventually) make it to 120. This time around, I’ll level Alliance Hunter then the Horde equivalent before anybody else, so all my mats can be stored for use. I’ll then level my Alliance gatherers. When this happens will completely depend on how real world work pans out, which is absolutely a priority. I don’t care how immersive this game is, for the first time since TBC I’m not taking special time off to play at launch. There’s a damn good reason I scheduled my Fanzine publication when I did. My priorities have changed.


The Bottom, Time

That means, starting next week (9th July) I will guarantee only two Warcraft posts a week. That will be Monday and Friday, for those who care. There is still stuff to write about, and things that matter to me, but no longer is there a burning desire to heard, or to yearn for people to read and react to my Warcraft opinions. This is now very much a hobby and a sideline. There is no desire for fame or notoriety using someone else’s virtual world as the stepping stone. My only desire, in that regard, comes with selling the worlds I create.

I owe the game a great deal, but won’t lie: I don’t agree with an increasing amount of what is presented as game direction and advertising. Once upon a time there might have been a consideration to use that as means to forward my own intentions, as others have done in the past (and still do.) Now, there’s just the desire to ignore the stuff (and people) not liked, block and mute the noisy bastards who will ruin it for everybody eventually, and just play quietly on my own. That’s what the future is now: me, and my alts, not bothering anyone and enjoying my leisure time as just that and no longer a job.

This way, this blog gets to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary next year, before I decide whether that’s the moment to retire it for good.

2 thoughts on “The State of the Alts

  1. Thanks for the update relating to the way things are going to be working for you in BfA. I am interested in your comment about playing less this expansion than any other. I remember having a conversation well over a year ago and you seemed resolute in your opinion that Legion was the best expansion released. I was wondering as we near the end if you still think that? As you know I thought it was a little alt unfriendly early on to make it the best for me, let us see how BfA improves on things going forward :-)


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