Last night’s Q&A was, as expected, both predictable and safe fare ahead of the proper Launch. However, it would appear that those of you who like to make your money by farming Legacy have received a bit of a kick to the crotch. The essence of this, it appears, is that a character is required to be eleven levels higher than the content they are farming to gain access to the full loot table, or else Personal Loot engages, meaning you get (pretty much) nothing at all.

I’m really very happy that they’ve opened up the entire loot tables of Instances to farming by all armour types: the shortcomings that the PL restriction will place on players aren’t when you’re levelling, they only really matter for solo play. Hearing that not enough players solo farm to make other changes viable might hurt for some, but the truth remains this End Game is only of interest to a minority. Everybody else is here for the current content, and long may that continue.


Making gold away from the conventional has always had advantages, but in the first weeks of new content the best money inevitably comes from farming the new stuff for Raiders desperate to get the best start possible on their journeys. Legacy normally engages for them once there’s nothing left to do, but slowly and surely that gap of inactivity is being reduced. As content speeds up, downtime vanishes, and that means that only those who don’t full-time raid will take advantage of what was left behind.

It is understandable why those people will be aggrieved, especially as you will need to do at least one level with the new expansion to open everything pre-Legion for pillaging. However, one would argue everybody would be better served maxxing their characters regardless, because (undoubtedly) another nine levels will decrease fight times. More importantly, especially for players like me, the Legacy loot setting just makes everything infinitely easier than it was. This will be how I test new character traits and abilities once I start playing.

That’s not likely to happen until Monday at the earliest, and when I’ve had a look around, I’ll tell you what I think.

One thought on “Money for Nothing

  1. The personal loot put a downer on our Birthday guild nekkid run though since usually we get to have fun seeing who wins the rolls to compete for clothes. This time around there were far fewer greens and the game play spaced out because everyone had to run backwards to loot.

    I know this isn’t how the game is intended to be played yet it does mean that our annual New Year run won’t seem as fun as usual.


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