Sometimes, circumstances dictate a change in attitude. Having had a day of wondering why lots of people got excited over a female mage’s attempts at marine salvage, last night’s Social media was awash with people joyfully beating the crap out of each other after two years of peace. Have these people learnt nothing? I wondered to myself, taking an early night and considering the consequences of forced narrative on an unresponsive audience (i.e., me.) Then came the moment of clarity: I’ve not learnt anything either.

After years of playing this game, the point of it’s brilliance has been forgotten. An MMO is whatever the fuck you want it to be. Sure, the designers provide plot, and a reasonable direction, but nobody said anything about you having to buy into this wholeheartedly. You can still be anti-war and pro-peace and play that role with a measure of confidence. You can cry at the fact you’re being forced to kill the enemy who was once your friend… but have you considered the motivation?

This Expansion is whatever the hell you decide it is, and that’s fine.

I wrote my own story. Then, I shared it to Social media to demonstrate that a) yes, I write stories and b) if your entertainment doesn’t provide the content you’d like, there’s nothing stopping an active mind from creating it yourselves. It’s no different from fan fiction, or fan art. The game provides inspiration then off you go, safe in the knowledge it matters not one iota if the cool kids think you’re a freak. Let’s face facts, it’s been that way for decades.

I don’t need a six figure YouTube follower count or official sanctioning to enjoy this game the way I decide is most appropriate. This isn’t about making a late-life career change. I’m someone who makes up stories in her head, only this time the justification for playing stretches out over a dozen social media posts and a blog entry. It certainly gives  meaning to the playtime, and justification for a double subscription.


The haters will still hate, the opportunists will do their best to get those retweets. I’m just happy I found a legitimate way to play the content without feeling that the entirety of Legion was a complete waste of time.

Take your victories where you can make them.

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