It’s been a week after the 8.WhateverThisIsNow Patch and there is a bit of an issue with the new content. Many people are not happy with plot. Others are struggling with the phasing, and there’s that one person who just wants to start a fight in General chat to be part of the experience. Then there’s his counterpart on Social media being ripped apart by the laconic, streetwise ex-player who’s got an answer for everything but crucially is probably a bigger fanboy than anybody else. Welcome to Warcraft, where it is time to remind you that it has always been okay to express your opinion.


You can also be a pacifist now and that’s okay too, but abusing people for that opinion might be a bit of a giveaway to a deeper lack of tolerance. There’s been a lot of that too this week, and what this tells me is that some people love this game, but hate the fact people don’t agree with their interpretation of what that means. In shock news, everybody gets to play their way, and you don’t get to tell them what to do.

Long may this continue.

Then there are those new Warcraft TV spots, which tell you that it really does matter which faction you play for… I wasn’t impressed, and wasn’t alone, but my concern is more than (in at least one case) some fairly clumsy social stereotyping:

It took me a while, but I worked it out eventually:

This game simply adjusts its marketing to whatever area the PR people tell it is most receptive. It’s always been that way, and now (more than ever before) we need new blood. If you enjoy killing 39 other people in a Battle Royale, let’s try and make Azeroth a bit more war-ey. Trouble is, the wary amongst us know this kind of move often ends up backfiring, but as long as lots of people just buy the game and play their free month?


None of this matters, if truth be told, because people have short memories, and all that needs to happen from here until August is for everybody to be engaged. It doesn’t matter HOW it happens, just that it does.

Still gonna play, still excited, Haters Gonna Hate.

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