The last few days have been very busy. An awful lot has taken place in game. However, instead of blogging about this after the fact, there’s been a distinct shift in approach, which has paid significant dividends. As it transpires, I still have a lot to say about gaming, but without the time to do it longhand. Therefore, Twitter has become my new blogging medium.

The results are impressive.

Reading long-form for most people is not a priority, and that’s been the case for some time. My own blog stats show the story of how most would rather be watching streams or simply playing games, and although blogging does have a relevance for a section of the population, it is time to move forward. Therefore, starting with Battle for Azeroth, the minutiae of daily life will be reported on Twitter first, with this site being used as backup. It’s BuzzFeed without the audience, kids.

Nothing at all has really changed except the location of the work. I’ve been looking for months to find a way to better utilised Social media for instantaneous content, and this format suits the process perfectly. I can ‘archive’ the thread headers here for access after the fact, they take considerably less time to produce, but still count as relevant and readable. Effectively, working this way opens up the opportunity to do more stuff I love and not less. It’s like streaming but without all the hassle.

Social media still exists as the inspiration for my work (with thanks to those whose tweets inspired these guides across the weekend.) The best way to evolve over time is to accept the limitations of certain platforms, and if you want immediacy, blogging can often lag behind. However, it remains an excellent library and storage medium, and it is those features which I fully intend to make use of in the weeks that follow. With a renewed sense of enthusiasm and excitement, I look forward to sharing my adventures and stories of BfA via Twitter.

I’ll see you on the start line tomorrow :D

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