She’s not. Battle for Azeroth is beautifully realised, constructed and plotted. It had depth and life unlike any Expansion since (probably) Wrath. However, for those of us who play alts, it has a gear grind that is, like it or not, a step too far.

It appears I’m not alone either: LITERALLY MORE THAN FIVE PEOPLE have agreed with me. That’s more people than have agreed with me for the best part of two and a bit Expansions, so it’s not a joke, or hyperbole. I’ll keep doing the WQ’s every day, quietly and without fuss, but there is NO WAY I’m grinding again like I did in legion. It destroyed my soul, and if that were my only choice I would jack it in. No question. Now I can be sure I’m not here out of obligation or habit, but just to enjoy myself? We have a way forward.

That means that my project of Allied Races got moved forward, and as I can’t do Dark Iron until the 7th Legion is Exalted? Time to meet my new ‘main’:

This is the compromise, whilst I chip away at the horrible, grindy stuff. If I luck out on the way so be it, but for now this lass is my focus. It is slow, and familiar, but most importantly nobody gives a flying fuck about my gear.Β All that matters is the occasional rare dropping a Transmog piece I don’t have, and making money from low level flowers and skins. Everything else is familiarity and relaxation, without any of the stress of having to deal with the Big Girl Problems at end game.

On reflection, this is probably a good idea for a while.

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