Right, enough screwing about. Time for total honesty.

I’d fully expected to be shutting down this blog on its 10th Anniversary in February. Before the Expansion launched in August, I’d utterly lost my way. There was little time and pretty much zero enjoyment from a game that only seemed to care if you played it the way the majority thought was ‘right.’ There’s no need to keep hashing over these details; suffice to say, there are people ‘out here’ for whom the right way is theirs and nobody else’s, and we have nothing left to say to each other.

The game was given a last chance, under my rules. Gaming wasn’t more important than anything else. I didn’t play to hide, or forget. It was to be a set of circumstances where enjoyment was paramount, and which had nothing to do with gear or circumstances. Except, of course, without gear the End Game is nigh-on impossible to easily solo. I’ve managed to exceed the magic 350 threshold this month but honestly, when it takes forever to kill anything in the open world, the opportunity to play in small bursts is gone.

I can’t face the drag through gearing at 120 either. It’s just soul-distressingly difficult when there’s all the reps to complete and countless WQ’s to finish and no, I’m not going through LFR for anyone this time around. Raiding has become a toxic paradigm that has nothing to do with anybody else and everything to do with me. Instead, I potter in Island Expeditions and will use Warfronts to gear with, because at least there there’s the opportunity to genuinely enjoy the content.

That means, it is time to go back to basics.

For the Alliance

The last time I levelled from anywhere close to scratch and completed it was Wrath of the Lich King. The benefit this time around, of course, is heirlooms for most of the journey and the opportunity to pick and choose what gets re-discovered. The other benefit, ultimately, is Transmog. In fact, that’s the only reason this is happening, because it gives me a chance to pick up low level gear and not have to drop a small fortune on doing so.

The other massive benefit of course is having PvP Honor levels now registering as account-wide. So, if I use a Battleground as distraction for XP, that adds to my daily progression towards mounts, toys and all the rest. All in all, it’s a massive incentive to make that effort count and to rediscover how to make money along the way. As my Dark Iron is also a Blacksmith, it means making gear from low level as Transmog too.


There are also other advantages of levelling alts through old content that will reward gold. This is an area of satisfaction that has yet to be nerfed, and long may it continue. In fact, if this kind of stuff did get changed, that would probably be it for me and there’d be a mass cancellation of subs. It is satisfying to know there need not ever be the requirement to pay to win.

Expect details on my Dark Iron, Lightforged Draenei and Void Elf in the weeks that follow.

Answer Back

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