When quests reset on Wednesday last week, I decided to go max out my Azerite via Expeditions. It was then that my first encounter with a dedicated Rare Farmer took place… and then there was another, and another. Every Island had someone playing whose only interest was massacring as much rare stuff as possible, or making sure we got all three phases, and that special events were done ahead of everything else.

I just turned up wanting to hit stuff, which caused a problem.


If you want this shit, undoubtedly you will do better in a Guild group. In fact, this is the kind of content tailor made for a tank, healer and dps to burn through. However, if you’re a low-number damage dealer queuing for a group and end up with a healer and a Hunter, then expect them both to be happy to fulfil your desire to collect every battle pet and mount? I think maybe you’re being a wee bit selfish.

I got a bit cross at the weekend over this. It is apparent that online guides are making this situation worse and not better. Part of the reason I lost interest in playing before BfA has a lot to do with other people insisting the homework’s done for them, and when you have a Guide it is stuck to religiously regardless of who you’re playing with. There is no fun and spontaneity in having an add-on mark the rares and you just focussing on the stuff most likely to offer multiple rewards. It’s why the addition of extra things to buy with Dubloons is a step in the right direction, but won’t solve the problem.

It’s now at a point I’d just like a solo version and have done with it, please.


My main enjoyment is killing stuff. As a result, for a couple of Expeditions, I just went my own way, slowly eliminating all the crappy mobs nobody cares about. In one case, by doing so, and another player doing the same and ignoring our Glorious Leader’s demands to farm rares, we won by over 5000 Azerite, and never saw the enemy once. I received more rewards in that Scenario than I had in any of the ones previously, and it occurs to me that the answer, if forced to play with others, shouldn’t be that we all end up working separately. Except, when I think about it, that’s a perfect way to avoid the restrictions this format now places upon me.

I have neither time nor inclination to collect anything when playing alone. If it happens, nice surprise. What matters more is feeling like the time was used well, and ‘conventional’ rewards increasingly fail to satiate a brain that knows exactly what the pitfalls of obsessive collection can be. For me, therefore, comes the vital point of first engagement: if someone’s polite and asks nicely for help, I’m there. If I’m told we’re farming, then nope. I will take cues from others, and tailor my responses accordingly.

There’s already too much min/maxxing in this game as it is to encourage more.

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