For the first time since it was introduced, I don’t have a Blizzcon Virtual Ticket for Friday. For the first time I won’t be sitting at a PC on Friday night, watching the Opening Ceremony. Instead, I’ll be taking photographs for an upcoming writing project.

The priorities have changed.

Blizzcon is, in the main, less and less about Warcraft each year. Of course, having the Classic demo is supposed to make me all excited again and shell out a ton of cash to play, but nope. I’ll wait for someone I trust to review it, and let other people do the wailing and gnashing of teeth. I remember reading years back that the main reason why so many people gave up on levelling in Azeroth was the first 15 levels: all that thrashing about in Starting Zones basically leeched all the fun out of the experience.

Now I realise why they’re using Westfall and the Barrens as their test areas :P


With all my BfA factions maxxed out, it is all about the Allied Races next, with the occasional diversion into PvP to keep my gear ticking over and the Honor Levels progressing. If anything really interesting gets thrown up in the Opening ceremony (like for instance a new IP) I’m fairly sure that somebody will be discussing it on Social media on my return from taking pictures. That’s how this thing works, yes? I’ll not be up to date, but that doesn’t matter, because they also have websites that cover this news too.

Yes, I’m going to be perfectly fine.

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